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The Budding Foundation

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I've been a volunteer elf many times, helped score numerous fundraising quizzes, pushed an old lawnmower over the downs, wrapped Christmas presents and now help manage the charity's two websites and ten social media platforms. I feel proud to have been able to watch the charity grow from the ambitious idea my stepdad shared with me whilst we potted plants at his head gardener golf course job. Clive's realisation of that dream is due to his inspiring dedication and expertise. He has always recognised that people need opportunity and help to succeed and so The Budding Foundation was born. Closely followed by his evergreen Museum of Gardening. I do feel lucky to be able to help Clive achieve the charity's goals. It's also a happy coincidence that our hugely supportive partner, Tates, is headed up by a father and daughter team.

I was invited to become a trustee of the charity due to my work experience supporting families and young people. I am always humbled by their stories, incredible often unbelievable struggles that they endure and overcome. People that don't shout or complain because often they don't have a voice.

Often something small that many people would take for granted can make a huge difference to a family that have never had it or are struggling to afford it. A bed, train ticket, laptop, garden, day out, equipment, hot food to name just a few examples.

The Budding Foundation works with councils, schools, social, support and care workers to help those in need. These keyworkers need support, as well as our young people and families. Particularly in the difficult times we are currently faced with. Even before the pandemic, 4.3 million children were living in poverty in the UK, up 200,000 from the previous year – and up 500,000 over the past five years. That is 31% of children (Action For Children website figures). That's staggering. So if you can help in any way, please do, any small act of kindness can make a difference. Thank you ❤️

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