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Forgotten audiences

The joy of The Budding Foundation lies in the variety of experiences we have been proud to provide funding for, as this has grown organically over time, along with the charity and associated Museum of Gardening.

Initially the vision was to fundraise to be able to assist young people with opportunities for education and employment. The charity has been flexible and quick to respond to the urgent changing needs of young people as requested through their trusted adults; parents and workers at amazing organisations that lay witness to their disadvantages in life as well as their potential.

Our funding for equipment for young people has included specialist disability aids, wheelchairs and laptops.

Our funding for gardening projects has included seeds, plants, equipment and furniture.

Our funding for special days out and essential items has included family and individual respite breaks, white goods and carpets, clothing, educational assessments and travel passes.

Last month, we funded 60 young people aged 4-17 with severe/profound multiple learning difficulties to watch 'The Hobbit' show as performed by a visiting theatre company via Happy Days Children's Charity, who we have supported for several years.

"They thoroughly enjoyed the songs, music and acting and the fun educational experience will help with their sensory awareness, and improve their social and communication skills, not to forget the fun and excitement and educational value. These opportunities enabled them to take part in an activity more often enjoyed by the wider community, thereby promoting social inclusion. Please accept my deepest gratitude for allowing us to help some of the most vulnerable children in our society to ensure they are not a forgotten audience." Ryan Sinclair, Chief Executive Happy Days

In October and November this year, we will also be funding 'Mr Tumble' and 'Aladdin' performances, benefiting up to 140 children with similar needs; learning difficulties, medical conditions and physical disabilities.

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