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Ryan's Story

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We first met Ryan in 2014 shortly after the charity was registered.

Ryan was born with portions of his brain inactive, resulting in physical and mental disabilities, he is unable to walk or stand, and suffers from global developmental delay. 

As seen in the newspaper article (Jan 2015 below) we provided a grant when he was 5yrs old to buy equipment to help his mobility.

Soon afterwards, we held a joint fundraising campaign with his family to provide a specially adapted trike, as seen in the images and video below.


Ryan is now 11 years old and attends Oak Grove College special school in Worthing, as you can see he tries to enjoy life, always displaying an infectious smile.

Ryan loves nothing more than to be outside, as he is getting bigger, unable to be carried, it is becoming increasingly hard for him to enjoy the outdoors. His basic wheelchair is unable to deal with rougher terrain or the beach, and he is missing out on many activities. 

He often gets upset and frustrated when helping to walk the family dog as he is restricted to pavements and unable to venture onto footpaths etc.

In 2021 together with the family we raised £5500 to fund the purchase of a specially adapted all terrain wheelchair which to improve his quality of life.


Now in 2024 Ryan at 14 has had a big growth spurt...meaning his trike is now a topple risk. 

An assessment has been made by Tomcat for a lower more recumbent trailer trike, but it's nearly £4,000!

We are once again pleased to support Ryan and his family to fundraise for this and any donations would be much appreciated.


Thank you

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