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School uniforms

The Budding Foundation works with other local charities and organisations to fund requests for young people and families' essential items, for example white goods, carpets, educational trips or travel passes.

We have also funded many requests for school uniforms and the current cost of living crisis is exacerbating the struggle for families to buy these branded items ahead of the new school year. This is an extra worry on top of soaring energy and food bills, not to mention the cost of entertaining the children over the summer holidays.

This uniform issue is widespread and has recently made the national news, for example:

The government says they are introducing new guidance for schools in England, requiring them to keep down the cost of uniform, including through limiting branded items and making sure second-hand options are available.

The Budding Foundation is keen to support our local young people in any way, and will continue to fund any uniform requests from organisations that identify and work with families in need.

Thank you as always for any support and donations which will enable us to be able to continue to help people in this way.

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