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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

In our garden where the charity's office is based we have Robins nesting, the box is fitted with a camera giving a live stream to a large screen in the office, it is hard to concentrate on my PC with head constantly turning at the slightest noise.

I will add some videos and also the timeline, as at today........

24th Mar Egg No1

25th Mar Egg No2

26th mar Egg No3

27th Mar Egg No4

28th Mar Egg No5

Incubation began, some wintery weather sleet & hail but mum sat tight, dad bringing the occasional meal.

10th Apr Chicks hatched all looked well & with warmer settled weather parents were finding plenty of food. (See Video)

11th Apr Proud parents, both tending their chicks (See Video)

16th Apr First night that mum didn't sit over them, assume she was roosting close by.

19th Apr Tufty hair appearing on heads & signs of small light brown/golden feathers appearing. Feeding well (See Video)

22nd Apr All well feathers more developed, a bit cramped in nest but a very clean home, chicks raise their bum to eject a poo straight into the parents beak and taken away from next. Its an amazing regime to watch (See Video)

24th Apr Testing the flight feathers (See video)

24th Apr Later that day, all gone!

Hatching (will I ever get that shell off my head?)

Proud parents



Getting a bit cramped in here!

I wish I could fly

Then they were gone!

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