The Budding Museum of Gardening (The Barn)

Excellent progress with the barn only a couple of months to go, keen to get started installing our exhibits. The carpenters are hard at work putting the display stands together back in their workshop.

Barn 1

View from main entrance

Barn 3

From Mezzanine Floor looking down.


Small plinth 2400x1600





Plinth above taking shape, measures 2.4m x 1.6m, will be topped with astro turf & a white picket fence end to end down centre, with edgers & small mowers either side. Slopes will be perspex covered & contain information on displayed the items.


Large Plinth  size 4200x2400

One of our larger plinths shown above measures a massive 4.2m x 2.4m and will display some of our larger motor mowers, together with part of our poster collection, the slopes again being used for information on exhibits.

Several other units are under construction for display of general garden history items. Also our garden timeline wall, Plus of course the full Budding story.

We are planning to include touch screen facilities to accommodate our massive archive of material, and make it readily available for general interest & research.

Watch this space!

14 Jan 2016

Not forgetting the restaurant which is already up & running!

barn coffee inside


 13th Feb 2016

A bit of paint going on, waiting for the astro turf to grow!!



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