Olympic Rings 2012

Olympic Rings 2012

With all the media hype & frenzy I felt we would have to do something towards this event. Having designed the rings with crocuses planted in the main lawn the previous autumn, they would of course be long gone by the opening ceremony so a project blossomed to create the rings in a prime spot in the correct colours!

Various ideas were considered for the ring construction, wire netting, plywood etc, but we settled on using a roll of rigid plastic wind break type material that had been gathering dust in the shed for the last 5yrs. Many hours cutting, cable tying, trimming, swearing and the rings were formed, (We did of course lack Danny Boyle’s budget). 

Plugs plants were acquired courtesy of Kernock Park Plants & grown on in our nursery during the spring/early summer.

Plants used were Alternathera lehmanii Green, Red & Yellow. Black Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ & Blue Senecio serpens (Klienia).

Planting was fun, especially where the colours crossed, the end result was we think well worth the effort & admired & photographed by visitors for many months.

Oh! we forgot to seek permission from Lord Coe!!! Sorry Seb.

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