Edwin Budding a brief history


Born 1796 in Eastington, Stroud Glos.

Parents Charles Brain Budding & Mary Beard,

Edwin died in 1846 aged 50 and did not see the full potential of his creations, only a few thousand mowers had been sold when he died, with the major move to mechanised mowing not coming until the 1860’s/70’s.

His invention had a great impact on the growth and development of sporting and leisure activities, and indeed gardening/horticulture.

In brief his inventions include……………….

The Lawnmower (1830) some of today’s fine turf mowers are of the same design. image here

A Pepper Box pistol (1827) the world’s earliest percussion revolver, preceding Colt’s patent by a decade..  image here

A machine for cutting vegetable substance (1840)  image here

Improvements to the ‘Carding’ machine (1843) used in the woollen industry, which are still evident in today’s machines. image here

A screw adjustable wrench (1843) still produced today in a similar design.  image here

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